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When traveling is on your mind, depending on the distance that you plan to cover till your destination there might be some better choices than airplane tickets. Of course if you plan to visit a country or city on a different continent or on the other side of your continent, then the airplane option might be the best option in most circumstances but there is also the car hire alternative that you should consider.

Regardless of how you get there, car rental can prove to be a great idea once you get to your destination as there are so many good things related to having a car at your disposal when you're visiting a new place.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that with the car rental option you will have complete control over your holiday, meaning that you will be able to visit what you want when you want, you will not be constrained by the schedule of a tour. Also if you choose to reach your destination via rental car, then you can start your journey whenever you want to as well as stop wherever you want to on the way there.

The idea of car hire might come in handy especially if you plan on traveling with a larger party, whether it's friends or family, you can carefully weigh the economics of either getting airplane tickets for everyone, or hiring a large car so that you can drive to your destination.

Similarly if you plan to visit a mountainous region for instance somewhere in Austria, Italy or in France during the winter, renting a car which has already been outfitted with snow tires, chains and has everything else that you might need can be a great load off your mind.